Nature of Bodhi Academy [2016-05-17 11:33]
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Master Jiqun

Master Jiqun graduated from the China Buddhist Institute in 1984 and then pursued further studies and teaching in Fujian Buddhist Institute and Minnan Buddhist Institute. For years, he has made great efforts on Buddhist Education, and placed equal emphasis on Buddhism studies and practicing. He is also the 10th generation Successor of Weiyang Sect of Chinese Zen Buddhism. Currently he is undertaking the role as the director of Suzhou Jiechuang Buddhism Research Institute, the graduate study supervisor of Minnan Buddhist Institute, and also working as a visiting professor for the Political and Public Management College of Suzhou University, the senior consultant, visiting professor of Religious Research Institute of Xiamen University; and a guest researcher of the Buddhist Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Master Jiqun has been long engaged in the studies and teaching of Cittamatra and Precepts. Whilst teaching, Master Jiqun is devoting himself actively to preaching the Buddhist doctrines, and frequently gave speeches to the University audience and believers groups. He has left his footprints all over mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Europe and Australia, etc. In addition, he has published various writings and dissertations over one million words, such as "Truth and Fallacy", "Bodhicitta and the Gradual path to Enlightenment", “Life Buddhism Series" and so on. Inheriting the thought of “life Buddhism” from Master Taixu, Master Jiqun has brought about an idea that Buddhism is the Wisdom of life, hoping people could change the misconception about Buddhism and integrate the Buddha Dharma into life. In recent years, he has shifted the focus of his preaching works towards the promotion of Lamrim (the Gradual path to Enlightenment), Bodhicitta and the Buddhist conversion, and put emphasis on Buddhist infrastructure to lead the Buddhist disciples on the Bodhi Road for a steady progress to enlightenment.
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