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All Is Changing Quietly

Before joining the Three-Level Cultivation of Buddhism, I, as a businessman, was quick-tempered and purely profit oriented. The bustle of activity in life, the heavy workload, and the ever-growing ambition let me talk very fast and walk always in a hurry. Like a robot, I was not able to rest and contemplate. I wanted to change, but didn't know how. 

This kind of life didn't make me happy. Those days were of no smile. In more than ten days every month, I suffered from headache and painkiller became my life necessity. Sometimes the headache was so bad that even two pills of painkiller wouldn’t help. Finally, I lay on sickbed one day, feeling that I have lost my soul. I couldn’t find the meaning of my life, and I had no idea why I chose to live it in this way. When everything looked so gloomy to me, I began to go to temples to pray for the blessing of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. However, as a result, my life situations didn't seem to improve. 

Fortunately, I heard of and had the opportunity to participate in the Three-Level Cultivation of Buddhism. After having studied for half a year, I know that I have embarked on the right path. I feel great joy and ease, and I think I have found the right way to live my life. 

The effects brought by the study are obvious. Through learning the Dharma essays such as the Views of Buddhism on Wealth and Sufferings in Life and the Liberation from Them, etc., I began to shift my focus from external pursuit to inner cultivation, trying to be mindful of my thoughts and behaviors all the time, to apply the teachings I have learned into my daily work and life, and to let go the many worries and afflictions. As a result, it began to get better with my work, and my performance in business also improved. This is because I have learned to apply the Buddhist teachings. For example, the teaching on altruism alone has helped me a lot. I think that I have discovered a precious treasure, that is, an excellent teacher. Now I feel very happy every day, and, because of the change of mood, my headache has almost been cured, and I have stopped taking painkiller for a long time. It is a miracle, since I have suffered from this disease for so many years. 

I firmly believe that the Three-Level Cultivation of Buddhism will continue to improve my life quality. In this system, I am also lucky to have a group of classmates and an instructor, who encourage, assist and accompany each other. In great gratitude towards the Master, I will cherish this precious opportunity and will study more diligently, so as to dispel my confusions, to let wisdom shine upon my life, and to be able to help more people.