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Look, what did I repeat everyday

Since my husband went to work in another city, I decided to quit my office in order to take care of my daughter, in the third grade, and to have more time to study Buddhist cultivation. At that day, I felt very relieved, and I thought I eventually had time to study with ease, even I would like to spent eight hours on studying.

However, the reality was not as good as I supposed. In most cases, I spent less than three hours on studying everyday. I was so surprised that how time was squandered. I calculated that I spent more than an hour on picking up my daughter to and from school, and another one for lunch and nap. But unexpectedly I spent three hours on browsing information on my phone everyday, which was more than studying.

Valuable time slipped through the fingers. Namely, the time of consolidating unhealthy habituation was more than remedying unenlightened mind. I can’t help shivering when thinking of these.

What did I repeat every day? Neither did I often went shopping online, nor watched soap operas,but why did I browse phone frequently? I finally found out the reason was due to my curiosity.

Nowadays, Web pages are filled with updated news, of which is full of plenty of useless and even false information. However, I was so addicted to it. Only I lightly clicked the screen, the news updated immediately. Then the countless repetition became an indestructible habituation gradually.

When I was deep in unhealthy habituation, I recalled what Master- Jiqun told us——The affliction don’t have root and can be removed by the right way, which repeat the correct behaviour constantly. It sounds easy while difficult in practice which needs us to develop concentration.

What is the right behaviour? Master has told us many times that is altruism. How do I make full use of every minute? The answer is to do things with an altruistic heart. From the present moment, every step takes to liberation. Only by repeating the correct behaviour can liberate ourselves from the six realms.