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My Right Wealth View Via Three-Level Cultivation

One year ago,I thought that money was the more the better, and it would bring along more happiness. So I always went to temples to pray to the God of Wealth for making more money, and seize every opportunity to make money.Yet, my view of wealth and happiness has changed tremendously since I started the study of Buddhism.

I had a steady, well-paid job as well as sufficient leisure time. I was suggested to do Wechat business in my spare time, and I thought it was a good opportunity to earn little money. But I have just started my Three-level Cultivation, which required enough time on both self study and group study. I was tangled , and felt the pressure of study.

I wondered whether I should make more money or ensure my study. And I didn’t get out of the puzzle until learned The Buddhist view of Wealth, which said whether a Buddhist should pursue wealth or not, the key is intention. And what is the Clear Fortune is that do anything with altruistic heart and earn money with right way. Only Clear Fortune will not have ill effect on life.

That is to say, based on right aspiration, we can pursue fortune confidently. While we can even take the money-making process as part of our self cultivation, and make it the way of practice good virtue. Meanwhile, we should recognize the impermanent essence of fortune and not insist on its eternity.