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Open Up Your Heart, Let The Love Flow

I got married at 26 and had my daughter till I was 34. And she is 8 years old now. During more than ten years after marriage, cold war and conflict have taken place between my husband and me frequently. Our daughter has been born and brought up in such an atmosphere, which made her fragile and timid and easy to be nervous from her babyhood. As my daughter growing up, my family has always been in such a pattern, that is: I feel happy when I get together with my daughter. My husband also gets along with her harmoniously. But between my husband and me, there has been no communication, but conflict .

Aware of the harmful impact on our daughter’s physical and mental growth with our unhealthy relationship, I decided to study traditional Chinese Culture and change myself in order to give her a healthy growing environment.

I joined the Three-Level Cultivation in April 2016, where I have learned to observe the merits of my husband. I found that he has done so much for this family and for me which I felt so grateful. I started to adjust my mentality and stop blaming him and excluding him. Instead, I tried to observe him with compassion and understand what he feels inside, learning to listen to him. In return, my husband started to show his care and gratitude to me gradually. After six months of study, the ice between us began to melt.

Since then, my smile is getting more and more. My husband’s anger is getting less and less. Three of us can sit together to drink tea and coze sometimes. As our relationship gets harmonious, the stream of happiness flows into my daughter’s heart naturally. Same as us, she opened her heart and mind. Now she is no longer afraid of meeting others and is healthy, energetic and love to laugh.