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The story of Jo Kerry Lee and I

At my friend’s invitation, I took part in a non-governmental public welfare reading salon in July, 2017. People could make friends through reading books. Self-introduction and game interaction were also included. At the end of the salon, a small Hawaii guitar called Jo Kerry Lee was provided as a prize.

The convener asked everyone to bring a favorite book that he or she had read. Though I browsed a lot of books, the only one that I had read carefully and completed was Old Path White Cloud. I thought that everyone is both anxious and impetuous in the modern society full of material desires. I decided to share with them the part” Lianhuashanxu”, which leads people to settle down comfortably at the moment rather than simply fall into the worldly desires that result in painfulness.

With the idea of letting more people get benefits from Buddhism, I decided to bring the book Old Path White Cloud. I adjusted myself to a very good state in language express, mentality and image while sharing to others, so that they could be more impressed. Perhaps it was just this idea that brought the lucky reward to me. I felt a kind of power was supporting me when I was speaking. As a result, the whole sharing process was contagious, and other fellow apprentices also praised me for sharing well.

At the beginning, I strongly desired to get Jo Kerry Lee, however, I found it was greedy to have that idea. And then I told myself it would be fine even if I failed to get it. Just let it be.

After putting myself into the right attitude, I seemed like being helped by God in the game interaction, and finally got the Jo Kerry Lee. On the way home, other fellow apprentice said the reward was doomed to belong to me, because what I did was to make more people understand Buddha and Buddha Dharma.

Afterward, every time I see the Jo Kerry Lee, my desire at that time always goes to my mind. And repeatedly reminds me what I should do and how to do it better. No matter how the situations will change in the future, I hope that I will always keep my original mind and work hard to do what I should do.