Nature of Bodhi Academy [2016-05-17 11:33]
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Three-Level Practice



The Three-Level Learning provides a study platform in a favorable atmosphere with effective guidance.

Atmosphere Companions studying together in advantageous learning patterns.

Sequence Sequential learning courses in primary, junior and senior levels.

Method A Combination of personal self-study and collective study .

Guidance Twofold guidance from both the mentor of Master Jiqun and the Three – Level learning.


The Three-Level Learning motivates the learning interest and awakens the inherent potential of enlightenment by skillful means.

Simplicity Refined, orderly and effective learning patterns free from extensive and intricate exploration.

Consciousness Active, practical and dynamic learning patterns free from passive acceptance.

Interaction Interactive, mutual-intensified and joyful learning patterns free from one-way indoctrination.


The Three-Level Learning offers a modern interpretation of the traditional ways of learning and practicing Buddha Dharma.

Inheritance of Tradition Eight Steps and Three Kinds of Meditations are modern interpretations of traditional ways of Buddhism learning,  which arise from “Hearing, Pondering and Cultivating”, “Faith, Understanding, Practice and Actualization”, the ”Four Practices” and the “Noble Eightfold Path”.

Unification of Knowledge and Practice Eleven-word guideline (eighteen Chinese characters), Eight Steps, Three Kinds of Meditations and Sixteen-word Knack enable practitioners to combine theory and practice closely