Nature of Bodhi Academy [2016-05-17 11:33]
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Three-Level Practice


Bodhi Academy is grounded on giving rise to Bodhicitta, the core mission is to learn and practice Buddhism, under the management principle of Six-harmony Spirit, with the ultimate goal of awaken oneself and others, and benefit oneself and others.

Grounded on giving rise to Bodhicitta

Fully realize that Bodhicitta is the root of learning and practicing Buddhism, and the arousal of Bodhicitta, the practice of the Way of Bodhisattva, and then the approach to enlightenment and the awakening to life by the three-level learning and practice.

While learning and practicing Buddhism following the three-level study, cultivate awareness to spread the dharma and charity, actively participate in the Dharma spreading and charity and other activities, and help more beings towards awakening and realization.

Learning and practicing Buddhism as the core

Constructing the primary, junior, and senior level of learning and practicing mode around the five elements

1.The primary level is grounded in Life Buddhism. The key is to develop the faith. Correct any misunderstanding of Buddhism by learning the booklets of Life Buddhism,and to view life and the world with the right perspective. Recognize the merit of Three Jewels, and the meaning of taking refuge, and give rise to the sincere mind of taking refuge. Learn the attitudes to live the life, the lifestyle and manners of Buddhists, and develop a positive personality. 

2.The junior level focuses on learning and practicing Bodhicitta with the foundation of The Stages of the Path. Learn the books and video materials of the Summary of the Stages of the Path of Enlightenment. A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life" by the Mentor, grasp the essentials of learning and practicing the Way of Bodhisattva, and then arouse the Bodhicitta, practice the Way of Bodhisattva.

3.The senior level is grounded in the right view, and centered on Samatha and Vipassana Meditation. To develop the right perspective by learning the Dharma, and practice Samatha and Vipassana by following the right perspective, to break down the two attachments and two obstacles, induce the wisdom of emptiness, to achieve Ultimate Bodhicitta,and achieve the perfect Buddhahood.

To learn and practice Buddhism following the 18 words principles

Attitude of Learning-- sincerity, earnestness and honesty; Approach of Learning-- comprehension, acceptance, and application; Outcome of Learning— to achieve the change from view, mentality, and then the quality of life.

To follow the four principles:

one goal, one map, one Mentor, and one group of peers.