Nature of Bodhi Academy [2016-05-17 11:33]
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Co-Delight Class

This class is based on the Life Buddhism, and centered on belief building. To get rid of the misunderstanding of Buddhism, and to view the life and world in the right perspectives by studying the series of books - Life Buddhism. To know the merits and virtues of Triratna (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha), to understand the significance of conversion to Buddhism, and to have a strong desire to be a Buddhist. In addition, learn the life attitudes, life styles and manners of Buddhist, to bring up healthy personality.

Period One (21 weeks)

【Learning Objective】Correcting people’s misunderstanding of Buddhism; Learning the view oflife and the view of world from the perspective of Buddhist wisdom.
【Content】Taking Master Jiqun’s series of books – Life Buddhism as teaching materials, to help building correct view upon various problems related to belief, society, life and the Buddhist circle.

Period Two: 19 weeks